Tourist Attractions

Tourist spots

Traditional buildings and willow trees create an emotional cityscape, and the retro-modern scenery along the Kurashiki River attracts Japanese and people from all over the world.
In addition to the cityscape, there are also Kurashiki brand stores and modern cafes, which were once considered a textile town, making it a spot where you can spend a whole day strolling.
And why not take a trip to the Kurashiki River for a boat ride on the river?

Ohara Museum of Art

The Ohara Museum of Art, located in the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, was established in 1930 as Japan’s first modern Western art museum. The museum has a collection of about 3,000 works of art, including many Western masterpieces and other modern and contemporary Japanese art. It is considered one of the must-see tourist spots in the Kurashiki Bikan Area.

Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki

A shopping mall with a wide range of stores. Adjacent to Kurashiki Mirai Park, which has a playground complex and a tree house, you can enjoy shopping, eating, and playing throughout the day!
3-minute walk from Kurashiki Station, 20-minute drive (9.6 km) from the hotel

Seto-ohashi Observation Deck (Washuzan Observation Deck)

There are two observatories located near the top of Washu Mountain, a representative scenic spot of Seto Inland Sea National Park. This is a spectacular spot where you can see the Seto-ohashi Bridge as well as Shikoku Island on the other side of the river.
Shimotsui Tanoura, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, about 10 minutes from Kojima IC

Kojima Jeans Street

Kojima Jeans Street is a 400-meter-long street in the Ajino shopping district in Kojima, where Japan’s first jeans were produced in the 1960s. There are about 40 stores, ranging from the first store in Japan that produced jeans to a cafe that serves blue soft ice cream with salted vanilla flavor. Why don’t you find your favorite jeans?
15 minutes walk from Kojima Station, 26 minutes (14,9 km) by car from the hotel, 40 stores (as of January 16)

Five-story pagoda at Bicchu Kokubunji Temple

The only five-story pagoda in Okayama Prefecture is about 34 meters high and is designated as an important cultural property. You can enjoy not only the five-story pagoda but also seasonal flowers such as rape blossoms, lotus and sunflowers together. Enjoy the harmony between the five-story pagoda and the plants that stand in the rural landscape.
34 minutes drive from the hotel, the only five-story pagoda in Okayama Prefecture, designated as an important cultural property

Yoshima Parking Area

The Yoshima Parking Area on the Seto-Chuo Expressway is located in the center of the strait, where you can see the Seto Inland Sea and the Seto-ohashi Bridge. The panoramic view from the observatory is truly spectacular. The panoramic view from the observatory is truly spectacular. We especially recommend the hotel in the evening, when the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea is very beautiful and romantic. The Seto-ohashi Sky Tour is also held in spring and autumn. Yoshima PA on the Seto Chuo Expressway, located almost in the center of the strait. Panoramic view from the observatory at Yosima Plaza.

Marugame Castle

Marugame Castle, considered to be the castle with the highest stonewalls in Japan, has been selected as one of the 100 best castles in Japan. The stonewalls were built with the highest technology in the early Edo period, and you can feel the beauty that has not faded even after 400 years of construction.
The castle is one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan, and the 12 existing castle towers are 46 minutes drive from the hotel.

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4-25 Nishi-Tokiwa-machi, Mizushima, Kurashiki City, Okayama 712-8059, Japan


By train
Mizushima Rinkai Railway Mizushima Main Line Tokiwa Station 5 minutes walk
8.6 km from JR Shinkansen Shinkurashiki Station, 25 minutes by car
8.7 km from Kurashiki Station on the JR Sanyo Line, 18 minutes by car

For those using a car
(There are 120 parking spaces in the first and second parking lots behind the hotel.
(Please be careful not to mistake the parking lot for the Seven Eleven parking lot.
Setouchi Chuo Expressway, 7km from Mizushima IC, 14 minutes by car
Sanyo Expressway, 11.4km from Tamashima IC, 22 minutes by car

Parking lot (No. 1 and No. 2): 120 cars in total, flat parking 
Free for private cars / Free for sightseeing buses and large buses (reservation required)