Large Bathhouse

Public Bath

Togol Yakuishi Hot Spring “Tenryo no Yu”

The smooth Togol Yakuishi hot spring water warms the body from the core, improves blood circulation, and activates metabolism. It relieves daily fatigue, muscle stiffness, muscle and joint pain, edema, and brings about a deep sleep.

Operating hours: 14:30〜24:00 / 6:00〜9:00

Chemical structure of Togol ore:

Silica, Titanium oxide, Alumina, Ferric oxide, Calcium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide, Barium oxide, Sulfur trioxide, Phosphoric anhydride, Manganese oxide, etc.

Analysis results of elution water:

[Cations] Potassium ion, Sodium ion, Calcium ion, Magnesium ion, Iron ion, Aluminum ion
[Anion] Chlorine ion, Sulfate ion, Heavy Carbon ion, Phosphate ion, Silica, etc. 


Reservations by phone (Available 24/7)


4-25 Nishi-Tokiwa-machi, Mizushima, Kurashiki City, Okayama 712-8059, Japan


By train
Mizushima Rinkai Railway Mizushima Main Line Tokiwa Station 5 minutes walk
8.6 km from JR Shinkansen Shinkurashiki Station, 25 minutes by car
8.7 km from Kurashiki Station on the JR Sanyo Line, 18 minutes by car

For those using a car
(There are 120 parking spaces in the first and second parking lots behind the hotel.
(Please be careful not to mistake the parking lot for the Seven Eleven parking lot.
Setouchi Chuo Expressway, 7km from Mizushima IC, 14 minutes by car
Sanyo Expressway, 11.4km from Tamashima IC, 22 minutes by car

Parking lot (No. 1 and No. 2): 120 cars in total, flat parking 
Free for private cars / Free for sightseeing buses and large buses (reservation required)